If you're old man isn't into his beers enough to enjoy a case from FHM Beer Club, Leo from The Coolector has got 5 great alternatives to make your Father's Day awesome...


01 Poler Stuff Cast Iron Skillet

If your dad is the sort who considers himself the outdoorsman, then why not lob one of these stunningly awesome Poler Stuff Cast Iron Skillets in his direction? And quietly steal it back the day after.

Available: Poler Stuff


02 LEGO Mini Cooper

There's hardly a dad alive who wouldn't count The Italian Job as one of their favourite films. This ace LEGO Mini Cooper will let them live relive the glory of this magnificent movie once again.

Available: LEGO

03 Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome

If your old man like gardening, you've got the chance to make their mundane vegetable patch considerably more awesome with one of these amazing Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnomes.

Available: Think Geek


04 Mugr

Dads love a good old cup of tea as much as a good old craft ale so you might as well get him imbibing his special blends in style with one of these Mugr vessels, made of Japanese ceramic and walnut.

Available: HMM


05 Ciclotte Exercise Bike

The old man a bit out of shape? You got more money than sense? Well, in that case, your Father's Day gift this year should be one of these bonkers-looking Ciclotte Exercise Bikes.

If the $12,000 price tag isn't enough to intimidate you, the fact that it looks like a futuristic instrument of torture will.

Available: Ciclotte



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