The weekend is impending and there's no better time to toss your money at gadgets and technology. Leo Davie from The Coolector steers you in the right direction with his pick of the top 5 gadgets he's seen this week.

01 Tubecore Duo

If you're after a new music system, this magnificent, wooden bastard should tick all of your boxes. The Tubecore Duo is chock full of eye-catching LEDs and some seriously impressive techno gear under the hood, including an onboard computer and the abillity to stream anything you want to your telly.

Available: Tubecore

02 DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

Got some nefarious plans you want to implement? World domination and what-have-you? Well, this brilliant DJI Phantom Quadcopter won't help you with that but it will be ace for razzing around annoying people.

Available: DJI

03 G-Pad 

Reckon you could get more than three on Flappy Bird if you had a bit more control of your iPhone gaming endeavours? Time to put your money where your mouth is with this awesome smartphone addition, that'll turn your iPhone into a pimped up retro Gameboy.


04 Game of Thrones LEGO

Game of Thrones is now, mercifully, back on our screens, fill the weekly void between episodes by recreating the onset of winter with these ace, 'unofficial' Game of Thrones LEGO mini-figs that include all your favourite characters.

Available: Citizen Brick

05 Amazon Dash

Got a One-Click-Buy addiction? Then this brilliant new device from Amazon called the Dash is going to be your greatest ally and your biggest foe. It's never been easier to order groceries than with the Amazon Dash so prepare to get faaaaaaaat.

Available: Amazon

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