With March now reaching a conclusion and most of us planning how best to rinse our mates on April Fool's Day, Leo Davie from The Coolector takes a look at some of the gadgets that you should be spending your money on next month.

01 MacGyver Tool Kit

Anyone who boasts an awesome mullet and can solve literally any conundrum with an elastic band and a paper clip is alright in our book. This great little kit gives you the opportunity to test out your MacGyver credentials and, even if you can't use it to get out of a locked room, at least you've got some bubble gum to enjoy.

Available at iFixit


02 Elevation Dock 2

Though this Elevation Dock isn't going to do any Blaine-esque elevating tomfoolery, it does look pretty awesome and will do your smartphone proud. It's crafted from machined, solid aircraft-grade aluminium to create the badass-looking finish you see before you.

Available at Bite My Apple


03 HotTug

Hot tubs are pretty awesome things, but they're no good locked away in people's back gardens. They should be floating down the Thames filled with beer and nachos. Thank goodness this is now a reality, courtesy of the (unintentionally) hilariously named HotTug.

Available at HotTug


04 LG ArtCool Air Conditioner

With summer rapidly approaching, many chaps might be looking for a means of air conditioning their man caves and, truth be told, few look quite as awesome as this LG ArtCool Air Conditioner. 

See more at LG


05 Sea-Doo Spark

If you thought you had to be the Wolf of Wall Street to afford a PWC (personal watercraft), think again. Wolves can't even ride them, silly. The Sea-Doo Spark is the lightest, most affordable and, quite frankly, sexiest watercraft on the market. You can customise everything from the engine to the colour and graphics and, trust us, this thing is RAPID. 

Available at Sea-Doo

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