Carnage, destruction and bedlam are just some of the words we would use to describe the new Medal Of Honor game, Warfighter.

The first-person shooter is the newest edition to the MoH series and sees gameplay leave the Middle East and enter into the world of reconnaissance on a global scale.


You play as Preacher, a US tier 1 operator whose family life has been torn apart by his line of duty, and who’s thrust into battle after a deadly explosive penetrates civilian borders.

Preacher is the ultimate man’s man – picture a bloke with a grenade in one hand and a tin of Stella in the other – and the action follows him through the heat of battle in some of the most cinematic and jaw-dropping action sequences in gaming history.


The scenes were actually written by US Tier 1 operators deployed overseas, and missions are based on actual events.

Executive producer Greg Goodrich says, “Warfighter gives these operators a chance to tell their personal story of brotherhood, family and the current fight.”

The true grit and realism of the game is captivating, and will either have you hooked until Christmas, or signing up to serve in Afghanistan.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is due for release October 23

Words: Theo Watt