It boasts some pretty awesome features but does the confidently titled "Coolest Cooler" really deserve its moniker? Here's Leo Davie from aptly named tech blog The Coolector with his top picks from the tech world this week...


01 Coolest Cooler

A cooler is a prerequisite for any man's summer line up of gadgets but not everyone will have one as awesome as this.

The Coolest Cooler boasts an ice-crushing blender, removable Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, beach tires and plenty of additional storage space for plates and knives. Your manly picnic is about to go up a gear.

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02 Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

Sleeping is pretty much most men's favourite pastime but what if you could be doing it better? Well with the Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor, this dream could soon become a reality.

Just place the Beddit under your pillow and it'll not only track your sleep patterns but will also wake you up during your light sleep cycle. It really makes all the difference.

Available: Misfit

03 1976 Mercedes Benz Unimog

We're not going to lie, the biggest draw of this vehicle is the fact its got the comical moniker of Unimog but, on top of that, this unusual little beast from Mercedes also used to be deployed as an aircraft tug by the German army. Sadly, it's just sold at auction for a cool €82,800.

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04 Kanvas App

Another photography app might seem like the last thing we need but the Kanvas App really does look mightily cool. It adds text, drawing, sound and more to images, which can then be easily shared on your different social media platforms. A must-have for meme fans.

Available: iTunes


05 French Fries and Dip Cone

Getting fit and healthy is an objective that some of us will have given up on long ago, so you might as well purchase a gun holster and stick one of these French Fries and Dip Cones in there for your daily McDonald's pilgrimages.

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