It’s that time of the year again with EA Sports delight us with their next FIFA game, this time called FIFA 15. With the promise of much more realism and emotion, we can’t wait to get a kickabout going.

FHM dug out our jumpers, set up the goalposts and here’s what we learnt...

01 It’s all about the emotion.


As we all know, football is an emotional experience and that emotion carries over into FIFA 15 like never before. This includes players who get upset if things don’t go well, who have different emotions depending on the importance of the match and crowds who have their own chants.

Yep, "You'll Never Walk Alone" is in there.


02 And it’s all about the visuals too.


EA Sports want you to think you are watching a match on TV, so they have spent a lot of time improving the visuals and making the players more realistic.

You can see marks on the player’s kit after doing a sliding tackle, hair movement and there are even updated LED boards in the stadiums. Fancy, eh?


03 The AI acts more like a human.


Rather than having a boring AI, these AIs act more like a human and each have short, medium and long term objectives during the match. There are new attacking runs and lots more still left to announce.


04 There are lots of little changes.


There are way too many little changes to mention now but some of them include new skill moves, new shot types, new pass types, team mate controls and even shirt pulling. And now you even see realistic boot prints on the pitch that change as the match progresses.


05 FIFA’s coming home to the PC.


After skipping last year’s FIFA 14, EA Sports have brought FIFA back to the PC this year. It’s also back on next gen consoles so if you are still rocking that PS3 or Xbox 360, you might want to think about upgrading now.


06 The gameplay looks great.

There’s so much more included in this year’s FIFA. Here is an interview with one of the game's producers, Sebastian Enrique, and there’s some new gameplay footage in there too.

FIFA 15 will be released in September on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Words by Andrew Edney