Got gadget withdrawal symptoms? Want to scratch that technology itch? Fear not, Leo Davie from men's lifestyle magazine The Coolector is here to help with his top gadgets of the week.

01 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Truck

For any guy who's ever played Halo (which will most likely be a good 95% of you), the awesome-looking Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Truck will look terribly familiar. Just don't go berserk like Master Chief and blast polar bears and seals from it.

Currently taking bids on eBay. 

02 Stealth Kitchen

If space is at a premium in your kitchen and you want something a good deal more James Bond-esque, we've got just the thing for you with this ace Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture. Perfect hide and seek potential.

See more at Resource Furniture 

03 B.O.B

Standing for Bottle Opener Board, B.O.B is definitely the sort of gadget that we can all get on board with. We've all been there: chopping up shit with a super sharp knife and thinking, "This is the perfect time to get drunk."

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04 Samsung Gear Fit

Getting fit is tough enough at the best of times but, with Pancake Day approaching, it's going to be even more difficult. So how about a little assistance? Say hello to the Samsung Gear Fit, your new best friend on your path to fitness.

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05 Popcorn Cannon

Despite the immensely comical appearance of this device, for anyone with a love of popcorn it's a must. This popcorn cannon makes for a much more interesting way to create your favourite heart-clogging snack and we want one real bad.

Available at Brando

Get Together Bluetooth Speaker by House Of Marley

Made of natural bamboo and a shockingly organic hemp fabric cover, this is one of the latest offerings from House Of Marley, the headphone and speaker giant that previously seemed to concentrate a little more on reggae-flavoured designs.

This is a premium-looking bit of kit that's portable, sounds better than a revved up 4x4 and, unlike most bluetooth speakers, has zero delay or issues with sound cut-off.

It's also rechargable, so you can take it the park in the summer.

Available at House Of Marley

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