Earlier this year, Activision teased us with the new trailer for Advanced Warfare, their newest addition to the legendary Call of Duty series. Now, after months of waiting, it’s time to reveal some of the mouth-watering multiplayer features that are set to make it the most awesome COD yet.

FHM was invited to Cologne for the big reveal, and we managed to get an exclusive hands-on. Here’s what you and your mates have to look forward to...


1  It’s all about the Exoskeleton 


We told you before about the Exoskeleton, or Exo as it's referred to, and it's sure to revolutionise the multiplayer experience. It allows you to swiftly dodge incoming fire, slide around like a gun-toting loon, perform mid-air evasive manoeuvres and leap about like never before.

There are also abilities such as hover, cloak and shield to make those late-night multiplayer sessions even more tense. 


2  Points mean prizes


New supply drops lead to rewards, including custom weapons,  gear and reinforcements. The more you play and the more challenges you complete, the more supply drops you earn.


3  Creativity is now king for multiplayer mode


Customisation is a major part of multiplayer, from using the 'create-an-operator' feature to make your character look as badass as humanly possible, to designing new weapons and outfits.

Originally seen in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 as Pick 10, we've now got Pick 13 which gives you even more options to create the most terrifyingly square-jawed super-soldier you can.


04  Maps, maps, and more maps


Multiplayer wouldn’t be multiplayer without eye-wateringly awesome maps to run around in, and Sledgehammer Games have added four new playgrounds of violence to the roster.

They include the snow-covered Biolab, a Baghdad prison map called Riot, and Defender, set in a tsunami-ridden San Francisco.


05 Old favourites return and new ones emerge 6


All your favourite game modes are here, including the return of fan favourites Capture the Flag, Hardpoint and Search and Destroy(although they all have a unique Advanced Warfare twist to them.

There are also two new modes as well – Momentum and Uplink which are all kinds of awesome.


06  We’re going to need more guns


Advanced Warfare is set in the future, so it's only fair that it would contain a collection of mind-numbingly radical space-age weaponry. There's even a new Heavy Weapons class that introduces weapons powered by pure energy.

In fact, each weapon has 10 custom options which brings nearly 350 variations out of the box! And you can try them out in the new virtual firing range to make sure they pack enough power.


07  Brand new gameplay, same old brilliance


We're proper nice at FHM, so here's some brand new footage full of mind-blowing multiplayer gameplay for you. You're welcome…


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be released 4th November for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Words by: Andrew Edney

Twitter: @Aedney