Yeah, that's right. Method Man. Sweets. No joke. And yet somehow it's not even the worst rap-based game endorsement we've seen this year.

We found this lyrical treat this morning in which Method Man (who, if we're honest, we remember mostly from Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle) off Limp Bizkit's seminal Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavoured Water, but we're sure he's had a career and everything) warns the populace of the danger of Sour Patch Kids, who are a) an American candy and b) incredibly mischievous, we're assured. They're like the acerbic, disagreeable cousins of Jelly Babies.

Method Man endorses Sour Patch Kids videogame
Have at you, you swan bastard

Apparently Capcom (the guys who make Resident Evil, Dead Rising, etc) are making a game about the mouth-puckering little blighters, so who better to advertise that fact than a low-level rap celebrity? 

What's that? Anyone else? You're probably correct. All this ridiculousness is overshadowing the fact that the song isn't actually all that bad, once you consider the subject matter and Meth's remit in penning it. Plus the video features a sour patch kid getting an origami swan in a headlock and punching its paper beak in, which is something everyone can enjoy.

The worst rap-based endorsement we've seen this year, though, is Snoop Dogg endorsing remarkably average ID post-apocalypse title Rage. Viz:

Watch it. Really, watch it – it involves Snoop discussing the things he'll need post-apocalypse which include things like a waffle iron, some chickens, porn, and honey bbq twists. He's high, throughout, but then again Snoop Dogg is never not high in the same way that water doesn't flow uphill. It just won't happen.

It's hard to believe that someone in authority authorised the filming of this – and then, when they saw the footage, didn't immediately write off the project and shoot the employee responsible but instead said “Yep, that's fine, that's what our brand needs. Chickens and bitches. Get this shit on YouTube WITHOUT DELAY.”

Bonus Snoop Dogg Endorsement Article Content: Did you know Snoop Dogg will endorse anything you put in front of him? It's true. He once endorsed his lunch by mistake. Aside from putting his name to hot dogs, fizzy drinks, shoes and sweets that taste like marijuana, he's entirely behind Blast. 

Blast is an alcoholic energy drink made by Colt, the same people who create .45 calibre handguns. Only in America, guys. Only in America. Video below includes a spokesmodel quote - “It's good, because it's really strong, but it tastes nice.” Classy.