It's that time of the week again - yes, Friday, but also when Leo Davie from The Coolector guides us through some of the best gadgets and awesomeness on the market this week... 

01 Surf Sauna

Given the ball-shrinking temperatures of our waters, surfing in the UK takes a hardy soul. Fortunately, we think we've found something that will make surfing our chilly seas more appealing in the form of this mobile Surf Sauna. To Newquay!

Available: Surf Sauna

02 Craft Check

If, like us, you love good old craft ales but want to make sure you're "sticking it to the man" and not actually drinking an ale that is owned by a massive brewing conglomerate, this ace looking Craft Check App will ensure the authenticity of your brewskis.

Available: iTunes

03 Lupo Finder, Controller and Security Device

Did you ever have that keyring that had an alarm triggered by whistling, so you could always find your keys? Welcome to 2014 and the awesomeness of Lupo . Not only does it alert you to when you precious possessions go walkabout,  but it can also be used to take those Bradley Cooper-esque selfies and for controlling presentations. Looks ace too. Win-win.

Show Support: Kickstarter

04 Star Wars Santa Cruz Skateboards

Rubbish at skating? Maybe you need a little Yoda-esque guidance to be a skateboarding don. Luckily, there's these awesome-looking Santa Cruz Star Wars inspired skateboards which have exactly that.

Available: NHS FunFactory

05 Soundwall

Sick of not getting a say in the design of your speakers? Well, suffer in silence no more, because this ace Soundwall lets you provide your own chosen piece of artwork to be used as your speaker. You can go for a Dali-like number if you want or, naturally, a vast picture of Ron Swanson.

Available: Soundwall

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