We don't know about you, but we're getting a little bit bored of normal multiplayer shooters. Is that alright? Are we allowed to say that out loud?

And by “normal multiplayer shooters” we mean, of course, stuff like Call of Duty and Battlefield – lots of running, lots of shooting, lots of ballistic arguments over who gets to control which building, and so forth. Something about the mix of senseless violence coupled with the endless, barely-distinct mumbling of unemployed people from all over the world bleeding through our headset makes us pine for something a little bit different.

Darkness II Screenshot
Shoshanna is pretty cool, but her face reminds us of the original Deus Ex a bit

Enter The Darkness II – last time we spent any time with it, we were actually sat in pitch blackness (and eating raw swordfish, but for more information on that you should probably just read the article already), and we played through the same demo that we'd clumsily shot our way through at Comic Con earlier that year.

But today 2K games have released some more info about Vendetta, one of the game's multiplayer modes. It's a little bit like Spec Ops on that game about the Warfare that's Modern, but with an occult twist. Jackie Estacado recruits four variety international badasses (one of which is you, the other three are either your friends or a global cast of mumbling unemployed people), each with a magic weapon, to tear shit up and snatch some useful artefacts along the way.

Darkness II
This man owns an axe and a really awful accent

It's those weapons, and the co-operative gameplay, that draws us in. Our favourite is probably ex-Mossad Shoshanna's kit, a sawn-off shotgun riddled with evil, that's gratuitously jammed into the faces of fallen enemies to execute them and regain health. What's not to like about that? Aside from the violence, obviously, if you're squeamish.

We're not huge fans of the 'Scottish' guy, though. Not because we're of Highland ancestry and easily-offended, but because of that... accent. What is that? How hard is it to get a Scottish guy into the studios for a day? Any of them would sound more convincing than what they're wrought there.

The Darkness II is set to be one of the first big games of next year, and we're rather excited to get our hands on it.