Here at, we've got a Week in Women, where we post pictures of fascinating ladies from around the internet that – for whatever reason – didn't make it into articles. Because we love you, and we want you to know about fascinating ladies, but there are only so many hours in the day, you know? Same goes for fashion with The Five Coolest Things We've Seen This Week. 

And yet games get zero love in this regard. Every day we toss out a veritable bucketload of trailers and cool stuff that doesn't quite warrant an article but you should still PROBABLY SEE. So, in an attempt to rectify that, the best of the rest in games we've found out about this week:

Serious Sam 3 BFE uses an immortal scorpion to battle pirates

Is your copy of SS3 illegal? Bad news. You'll be chased through the entire game by a superfast immortal pink scorpion covered in machine guns. That's DRM we can appreciate, right there.

Katamari gets some new features for Vita release, does a weird trailer to tell you about it

The Katamari series of games involve rolling a sticky ball around Japan collecting items of greater and greater size until your ball is of sufficient size – dull when you're rolling up pencils and coins, but cats and people are a different and entirely hilarious story. The latest title Touch My Katamari is coming out as part of the Vita launch titles, and... well, watch the video. It'll all become clear. Maybe. Probably not.

PokeAwesome is Pokemon-themed awesome, appropriately

Who didn't grow up playing Pokemon? OLD PEOPLE. You're not an old person, though, you're a hip young guy, and you'll no doubt appreciate the amount of swearing and confusion laced throughout this cartoon about Pokemon cussing each other out.

Devil May Cry: DMC is actually looking sort of good

Video via Giantbomb

We're not massive fans of the series, but this reboot of the franchise at least comes with some appropriately trippy visuals. All that's left now if making the game fun to play, so good luck with that.

The weapons from DUST 514 will kill you, others

Weapon art from DUST 514

Highly-detailed drawings of pretend guns are just peachy from where we're sitting, and Sony's latest blog post about their Eve Online FPS add-on DUST 514 features plenty of them. Plus the weapons are so hardcore that you need to be wearing powered armour just to fire them, or you'll break both your arms and melt your face off each time you fire. Nice.

Apparently, there's a Mean Machines archive

The Mean Machines archive

We grew up reading Mean Machines SEGA, so it's a refreshing and entirely nostalgic surprise to see that someone's collated all of them in one place online - although it's been online since 2003, which shows how up-to-date we are. Prepare to lose an afternoon in misty-eyed reminiscence, though.

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