The kitchen is a veritable hotbed of gadget awesomeness, so we've got Leo Davie from The Coolector to take us through his picks of the technology you should be rocking in there...


01 Hamilton All In One Breakfast Maker

We've all received an ear-bashing at one time or another for not waking up with enough time to make breakfast. What if there was a machine that took care of the grunt work for you? Turns out there is. It's called the Hamilton All In One Breakfast Maker and it makes the bacony, eggy, cheesy, glorious sandwiches of your very dreams.

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02 MSR Flex 4 Cook System

If you're faced with the problem of a lack of space in the kitchen then this Transformer-esque offering will be right up your street. The MSR Flex 4 Cook System packs enough implements to cook up a storm for up to four people, stored in a single pan. Witchcraft.

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03 Brooklyn Butchers iBlock

Want to watch YouTube videos of drunk men eating through their kebab boxes whilst chopping your veg with a perilously sharp knife? Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what you can do with this brutish Brooklyn Butchers iBlock.

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04 Edgestar Kegarator  

Beer is a mainstay in every man's fridge but sometimes you want a touch of the pub in your own home. Short of installing a bar, the Edgestar Kegarator is the next best thing.

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05 Zoku Iced Coffee

If your Kegarator is on the fritz, the next best choice of beverage is obviously coffee and, given the stifling heat of late, an iced coffee is your best bet. That's why you need to grab one of these Zoku Ice Coffee Makers which delivers a frosty coffee in minutes.

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