Another weekend is upon us and it's time to get our gadget fix from Leo Davie from The Coolector as he runs us through the technological awesomeness he's uncovered this week.


01 Adidas miCoach Smart Football

Want to find out just how far off you were from making the England World Cup squad this year? The Adidas miCoach Smart Football (above) will give you the cold, dark truth.

It dishes out statistics such as how hard you can kick the ball and how good you are at bending it, all relayed to your smartphone via a sensor in the ball.

See More: Adidas miCoach. Also available for £249.95 via and in Apple stores.


02 Audi Q3 Tent

Audi Q3 tent

If you want a tent that doesn't respect your car's boundary issues this summer, look no further than the awesome Audi Q3 Tent.

Truth be told, it looks like a tent that has had one too many and tried to get amorous with the first thing it sees.That being said, it does look incredibly roomy.

See More: Autoblog


03 Earth Cooler

Earth cooler

One of these brilliant Earth Coolers will be right up your street for this summer's barbecues. Those clunky carry-around coolers can do one - this bad boy buries your beers in the ground and keeps them cool like a boss.

See More: eCool


04 Homey


This isn't the sort of Homey that you'd find in Boyz n the Hood but rather a voice-activated home automation robot or some such.

Yeah, we don't really know what it does either but it will turn your lights off when you ask it and it looks ace and futuristic, so that's a win in our book.

Show Support: Kickstarter


05 Barobot Robotic Bartender

Barobot robotic bartender

Making cocktails is a bit of a ball ache so, if you want to be knocking back cocktails aplenty this summer but can't be arsed to do the mixing yourself, you need to get your hands on one of these Barobot Robotic Bartenders to do your bidding.

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