We'll be the first to admit that most offices have their rivalries, where occasionally work can become secondary to beating the piss out of your colleague at futile tasks like tea-making, but we reckon at FHM we go beyond that.

Whether it's Mario Kart battles or epic, office-bound Nerf wars, we're an office full of sore losers and ill-placed pride. If we can turn something into a competition, we generally will, which is why when Need For Speed asked us to play their latest game we thought it'd be awesome to do exactly that.

We sent web editor Jordan (the office's worst gamer) and Upgrade editor Chris (the only person in the office that can't grow real facial hair) to battle it out and settle, once and for all, who has the worst trash talk.

A teaser of what happened can be seen above. We want you to vote for who you think finally crossed the finish line at the end by clicking here, and if you're right you'll be entered into a prize draw for an awesome gaming bundle.

Need a hint? Check out the video below.