If the Octagon is your happy place, you will want to have a bash at this one. With its first new major sports league partnership in over a decade, EA SPORTS presents EA SPORTS UFC.

FHM got to play a few rounds of the game and here’s what we learnt – now pass the ice packs.


01 There's more choice than in an Argos catalogue.


With nearly 100 fighters to choose from, including female fighters, you can play as any of your favourites and wipe the floor with everyone else.

Each fighter in the game has been painstakingly recreated, all the way down to their distinctive tattoos and acne scars. Which we're sure the fighters are thrilled about.


02 It's the closest thing to being in the cage.


Developed using EA SPORTS IGNITE (their impresive game engine for blurring the real and the virtual. Yes, the future is here.) every fighter, strike, takedown and submission is more realistic than ever before.

Every movement is scarily precise and physics-driven, so you'll basically feel every hit, without losing your front teeth.

03 You can play as Bruce Lee. And it's about damn time.


That’s right – you can play as the legend himself, Bruce Lee. Unlock him by performing a series of really hard challenges or just pre-order the game and get him that way. Why? Because Bruce Lee, that's why.

04 It might be time to finally invest in a next-gen console.

Because of the sheer amount of power required to run the game and keep it looking as realistic as possible, UFC will only be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You finally have an excuse!


05 It really does look just like on the telly.

You just checked out the virtual ring girls, didn't you?

EA Sports UFC will be released June 20 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Words by Andrew Edney