We meet tenacious young everyman Nathan 'Nate' Drake, an explorer with both a knack for getting in suitably cinematic trouble and a direct blood relation to old-timey globetrotter Sir Francis Drake.

Nate's on a quest to find the mythical land of El Dorado - but wouldn't you know it, all sorts of rough types are keen on stopping him from doing that. Jerks.

It takes more than some rough types (and a mysterious statue, and some mutant Nazi hybrids) to stop him, though, which is good otherwise we'd have got Uncharted: Drake Gets Shot In The Face By Some Jerks which is a much shorter, and much less exciting, game.

With plenty of cover-based shooting, deftly supported by combat sequences so punchy you find yourself checking for loose teeth after they're done, Uncharted was undoubtedly the shape of things to come.

Uncharted is a big deal – good-looking, well put-together, and buckets of fun. With a storyline more at home on the big screen than on the other end of a PS3 controller, it's still immersive stuff four years on and well worth a look.