PR FIRMS PROTIP: If you want journalists to be excited about your game, invite them to your office and make them extravagant cocktails in a meeting room. We can't stress this enough. Friday night is usually three bottles of imported lager at home then sitting in the back of the pub, so giving us the chance to drink over-the-top booze is just, well, super.

Hey you, Jimmy
This is Jimmy. His face is hidden because he was too busy making delicious cocktails to turn around. He's a wonderful man

Street Fighter X Tekken is a crossover title that's been developed by Capcom. Seeing as Capcom are the devs for Street Fighter, it plays much like the former with elements of the latter thrown in – but it's ridiculous amounts of fun, and each character a) feels viable as a fighter and b) has a distinct fighting style, which is more than you normally get with games like these.

It's actually pretty good. Even if they hadn't given us any booze we would have still recommended it to you, so joke's on them really. Anyway, here're the themed drinks provided by Falmouth-based cocktail and videogame legend Jimmy from the Loading Bar:

DRINK ONE: Yoshimitsu's Poison Breath

Yoshimitsu's Poison Breath
Maybe it's actually what Yoshimitsu gets when he drains the spitvalve on his sword

Main Ingredients: Sake, Midori, some sort of fruit shavings (lime?)
Based on: Futurepast samurai robot Yoshimitsu's trademark poison breath, used to stun opponents

Good points: Tastes like what you imagine Japanese green jelly babies to taste like (i.e. delicious)
Bad points: Is green, and upon playing the game, Yoshimitsu's poison breath is purple. Rookie mistake straight out the gate, there

DRINK TWO: Hugo't To Be Kidding

Left: wobbly shot of the cocktail, wobbly shot of Hugo-in game. Right: the oversized walking night terror that is Hugo

Main Ingredients: Basically a Long Island ice tea with a shot of Cherry Sambuca in it
Based on: Enormous Andre The Giant-style freak Hugo, who wears pink, so close enough

Good points: Barely tastes alcoholic, yet clearly contains alcohol. Surprisingly nice for what is definitely a fruity girl drink
Bad points: Cringeworthy pun-based name

DRINK THREE: Dhalsim (Just “Dhalsim,” they must have used up their pun allowance on the previous drink)

We tried balancing the drink on the controller for this shot, but the PR kept removing it out of an entirely wise sense of how dangerous that was

Main ingredients: Chilli Vodka (self-infused with Scotch Bonnets, we were very impressed), cranberries, some grapefruit possibly
Based on: Wobbly-limbed firebreathing yoga master Dhalsim

Good points: Chilli vodka clears our sinuses almost to the point of no return. All future colds will be scared off
Bad points: Worried we may never taste anything ever again. Although, hey, not a bad last drink all things considered

DRINK FOUR: The Furry Cup

Kuma's Furry Cup
Jimmy only made three of these, even though there were five of us in the room. We made sure that we drank a whole one because we hate sharing

Main ingredients: Patron, Coffee Tequila, Baileys, honey, milk, cocoa powder
Based on: Kuma, a massive bear you can apparently control who mauls the shit out of opponents with his powerful claws. Surely 'being a bear' constitutes cheating even if you're part of the King of Iron Fist tournament

Good points: Tastes like a delicious milkshake, but contains heinous amounts of alcohol. If we ever have kids, this is what we'll be giving to them to keep 'em quiet at night
Bad points: Kept calling it a “Hairy Cup” by mistake, which is less than appetising

DRINK FIVE: Bloody Bison

Bloody Bison
Bison cheerfully shoves a man into the picture divide 

Main ingredients: Like a regular Bloody Mary, but with a double shot of Bison Grass vodka in it
Based on: M. Bison, Commander of Shadowloo and general psychic badass

Good points: Fucking hell this is like alcoholic bolognese in a glass. Where has it been all our lives? With this knowledge we can have dinner and pre-dinner drinks in one easy package
Bad points: Eventually we ran out of Bloody Bison

DRINK SIX: Phoenix Rising

Pints o' Cream, man. Pints o' Cream

Main ingredients: By this point of the evening, our note-taking processes had almost ground to a halt. It's a coke float, with booze in. Rum, maybe? Or vodka? Maybe neither
Based on: All-American punching enthusiast Paul Phoenix, runner-up for Flattest Hair after Guile

Good points: Came with alcoholic cream on top. Don't know how it was made, but at one point a pint of the stuff was doing the rounds so we did our duty and drank most of it
Bad points: We drank most of a pint of cream

And with that, Capcom hustled us out onto the London streets, and we faced the grim reality of a world where nice people didn't give you free drinks and let you play unreleased games. Still. Cheers folks. Lovely evening and all that.