We get manly advice from a Royal Marines Captain

Posted by , 08 November 2011

We get manly advice from a Royal Marines Captain


Make no mistake: the Royal Marine Commandos are badasses. They're tasked with making tremendously difficult decisions every time they're dropped into a mission. We met up with Captain Andy Shaw (of the Royal Marines, obvo, he's not like a pirate Captain or anything) in connection with Green Ops, a new game/video thing which puts you in control of a Marine Officer and sees if you can make the right snap-second decisions that'll keep our country safe from nasty people.

We're plagued by indecision every day. We're unsure about what to eat, what to wear, and how to meet girls. So we figured that a Marines Captain would be the best person to make definitive decisions on the topics that're important to us. If you're  unsure about about anything ever again, feel free to consult this interview to clear things up.

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