Some things we found out about Rizzle Kicks, during our three-minute NERF war:

- They weren't fans of the other interview option (“Eat an entire dry Weetabix each during the interview, we add in subtitles later”) and liked shooting their manager so much that they offered to buy the guns off us for “Like, seventy quid, right now.”

- Their manager said that they couldn't. 

- Jordan was initially more keen to unload his NERF gun everywhere ( we had to pause to reload it before we started filming). Harvey was far better at picking up darts after it was over, although Jordan did at least sort of wander around and bend over a couple of times to make it look like he was joining in.

Rizzle Kicks mug for the camera
"What was the Scarface pose?" asked Jordan. We weren't sure but we're happy with what he came out with

- We performed well until Jordan used a mirrored pillar to determine our location, then swung out and shot us square in the neck. Our apologies for the bad language. Still, congratulations on advanced tactics, there.

- Harvey is better at offering interviews under fire, but not as good at actual gunfighting – he got trapped on a sofa at one point and we shot him a bunch of times. He's also very safety conscious, warning us to move away from some glassware as we ducked behind the bar in the abandoned members-only club to try and surprise Jordan. 

- We apparently “had that pump-action on lock,” which is nice to hear.

- They both like gaming – mainly stuff like FIFA or Call of Duty. They're also fans of the Vita, on account of it having both “short” and “longer” games. Which is what you want, really.

- It was, apparently, “the best interview ever” according to Jordan. Nice.

Rizzle Kicks are currently starring in a short film to celebrate the launch of PlayStation Vita which charts a day in the boys' life as they make their way to a gig. The PlayStation Vita is available to buy on Febraury 22. In fact, here it is: