Rayman Origins isn't just a fantastic platformer, but it's got some of the best music we've ever heard in a game. Well. The best song, anyway. You should take a listen, by clicking the video above.

You not sold on it? Well, you're a heartless philistine for one, but we'll continue and try to persuade you. Rayman Origins is the latest in a rather sporadic line of games starring a chirpy French cartoon chap without arms or legs but with, inexplicably, hands and feet.

It's retro-styled 2D platforming of the absolute highest calibre, and we can't recommend it enough. Plus, you know, the music is great too, so we've embedded a couple more tracks in the article that you should definitely listen to.

This song should play as we get into work every morning, we think. That would improve matters tenfold

But that music – well – as Rayman, you're supposed to collect lums. What are lums? We don't know. They're very similar to coins in Mario or rings in Sonic, except they have mad, grinning faces and power some sort of magic bong at the end of the level.

We're not making this up. There's a wizard with a giant tube that can only be described as a bong, which he fills with lums and then... well, it's not clear. You give him enough lums, you get a golden coin. Clearly Rayman is a drug dealer.

ANYWAY – occasionally, you'll find something called a King Lum. King Lums are twice the size of normal lums, and come complete with a sceptre and crown obviously, but when you collect them they trigger THAT SONG and double the value of all other lums while its playing. The lums become red and excited, and they dance. Oh, how they dance.

And this one should play on Sunday morning, when we're good and hungover

And you dance. You dance in your seat and you run through the level because the the KING LUM SINGS and it is joyous. As the game supports up to four other players, they can dance too, while they jump around on platforms. It's infectious. You can't sing it – adult voices aren't designed to go that high without special training – but you'll try, and it'll be in your head when you shower or walk or breathe. All the time. In a good way. Yes.

Rayman Origins is out now on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii