Gotham Impostors is a superhero game with the “super” forcibly removed. You're not a playboy millionaire or a criminal mastermind with vast resources at his disposal – instead, you're just some guy in a home-made Batman mask. And you're gonna kill the shit out of other guys in Joker facepaint, because you just LOVE BATMAN SO MUCH.

Gotham City Impostors screenshot
Like these guys

Or, alternatively, you put on your slap (and some suitably daft trousers) and team up with the Jokers to bring the fight to the Bats. Whichever side you choose - both are charming and kind of deranged - you're not going to be able to fight with the same array of super-gadgets and slick costumes that your idols use. You're going to have to improvise.

Hence the addition of roller-skates, bouncy shoes, home-made grappling hooks, ramshackle hang-gliders, and incidental trampolines to this first-person shooter – whereas the gameplay is pretty standard first-person shooter stuff, once you pare away the bells and whistles, the way you move around the arenas is anything but. We love it. 

Gotham City Impostors screenshot
Many fights take place on rooftops or - more excitingly - in mid-air

Coupled with cardboard helmets, grenade slingshots and PVC rocket launchers that shoot rockets made from old fizzy drink bottles, it's less professional and more the sort of thing you could conceivably knock up in your Dad's garage.

We caught up with two of the chaps from the Gotham Impostors team and set them a challenge: could they make a  Batman or Joker-style costume and weapon from the just the items in the interview room? Here's what they came up with (annotations by FHM):

David Longo, Art Director, interviewed in a remarkably spartan side room in the Warner Bros offices

David Longo improvises a costume

FHM: So, explain what you've done here.
David: I've used the trash bag as the cape – then, with the bin, the pieces that have been cut out for the face are attached to the top, to make the ears. You need the ears for any Batman cowl.

FHM: Nice.
David: And this is the label. On the side. 

FHM: Nothing else? We've got a discarded keyboard, a camera, some... carpet?
David: It's really hard to get anything useful from this room! I'm sorry.
FHM: Hey, no worries.

FHM RATING: 6/10 Bin helmets are a perennial favourite and offer legitimate protection, and the see-through cowl due to the transparency of the bag lends a saucy element to the costume and a possible glimpse of Bat-bum, for the ladies. Marks lost due to lack of weapon and indeed body, as it's quite hard to fight crime when you're just a head.

Dayne McClurg, Community Manager, interviewed in a Games room containing multiple Xboxes

Dayne McClurg improvises a costume

Dayne: You want me to draw?
FHM: Yeah, David's was quite good, and we're a bit upset about that 'cause we were hoping for a really shoddy drawing out of this. 

Dayne: Okay, well. Maybe I can do that for you. I've fashioned a helmet out of Xboxes – strapped them to the side of the head, stuck some ears on the top. And I've made a cape out of the Gotham Impostors banner in the corner of the room.

FHM: And the weapon?
Dayne: They're two Xbox controllers tied together. Like Xbox nunchucks! This is sounding a lot like an advert for Microsoft, now I come to think of it.

FHM: Is it only for Xbox?
Dayne: No, it's on PSN and PC, too.
FHM: Missed a trick there.

FHM RATING: 8/10 Product placement = good. As an improvised Superhero, you'll need all the support you can get, so some of those sweet Microsoft dollars wouldn't go amiss. The branded cape just seals the deal. Nunchucks are fun, too, but we reckon that tying Xboxes around your face would actually make you slightly easier to hurt.

Plus, to show willing, we drew one too. We're not going to score it, because we can't be impartial, but rest assured it's BADASS:

FHm improvises a costume