This week, we've been playing Mass Effect 3, and not done much else. You should probably pop out and buy it, too – we'd encourage you to read our Mass Effect 3 review, but that would probably just slow you down on the way to the shops so DON'T. Just buy it. Some things that aren't ME3 but deserve your grudging attention are below:

Medal of Honor: Warfighter gets a trailer, it features wars being fought

Here are some alternate titles for Medal of Honor: Warfighter that we came up with on Wednesday afternoon:

Medal of Honor: Gunshooter
Medal of Honor: Battle Participant
Medal of Honor: Punch Courier
Medal of Honor: Violence Delivery Man
Medal of Honor: Regional Supervisor for Explosions

Angry Birds Space has an announcement from, appropriately, space

How much money does it cost to get a camera up to the International Space Station, and then convince a scientist/engineer to promote your game? Probably quite a lot. 

Still, the video also features some gameplay footage, which combines the standard fun of said Angry Birds smashing into houses built by unskilled pigs with the new feature of gravity wells to contend with. Reminds us of Strange Attractors, and of course, we'll be downloading it on launch day.

Heavy Rain devs make a creepy robot sex doll

This isn't part of a game or nuffink – it's just a “tech demo", which studios use to show off how good their software is. Turns out the folks at Quantic Dream – the team who made six-hour long QTE and interactive story Heavy Rain - have really good software. Especially when it comes to making convincing-looking robot women. Top marks.

If you convince a friend to play World of Warcraft again, you get a Spectral Fucking Gryphon

Don't mind me, I'm just chillin' on my SPECTRAL GRYPHON

If you're like us, you managed to avoid the siren's call of World of Warcraft and can go about a normal life without having to spend hour after hour “grinding” or “raiding” in “Azeroth", or what have you. We even tried it once, and after ten levels of slogging around some plains smashing the noses off hogs for a half-man, half-bull creature who really wanted some hog noses, we gave up.

So did a lot of other people, over the years – and Blizzard are noticing. In an attempt to rekindle enthusiasm that borders on thinly-veiled desperation, they're offering Scrolls of Resurrection. If you use the scroll on a lapsed account, the returning player gets 7 free days of adventuring, all the upgrade packs including Cataclysm, and a character instantly elevated to Level 80, meaning they can dispense with the need to actually play the game.

Fun? Maybe. If they take out a subscription, though, you'll get a unique mount in the form of a Gryphon made from stars and whimsy – or a Wind Rider (like a lion, but covered in spikes and wings, we think) made of the same, if you're a Horde player. Classy. Next month, Blizzard will offer big wet sloppy kisses and free rides home from the pub in exchange for mentioning their game in casual conversation at work.

Papo and Yo is maybe too charming

Remember when you were a kid, and you'd imagine you were crushing people's heads by positioning your finger and thumb in your eyeline and squeezing them tight together? No? Just us? Well. You must have engaged in flights of fancy, surely, and Papo and Yo looks to tie into that.

Take control of a child (either Papo or Yo, we assume) and his tiny robot friend, and navigate a South American-looking village of crumbling buildings by using your imagination to create platforms move houses around the place. We're getting all nostalgic just watching it, although to be truly accurate, it should take place in the back garden of a semi-detached house in Stoke.

WARFACE has a stupid name, but is free

Hey – yeah, come here, hold still, you've got a little something on your face – oh wait hang on it's WAR, I'll need to remove it with BULLETS and not just this tissue with spit on like normal. Yes. WARFACE is an upcoming free online class-based shooter from Cry Studios, the guys behind the Crysis and Far Cry games (but not Devil May Cry, just so we're clear) – it's kind of like Battlefield 3 except with no vehicles in and it doesn't cost any money. So like Team Fortress 2, then. But already clearly not as good.

We don't imagine it'll go anywhere particularly exciting. The only reason we're posting this trailer is on account of the name. WARFACE. Cracking stuff.