Assassin's Creed 3 is anti-British, pro-axes

Assassin's Creed 3
Two pistols AND a bow? Come on man, give 'em a chance

Normally we wouldn't give a shit about this sort of thing, but when it comes to the reveal of the new Assassin's Creed character, we're giving lots of shits. It's set to take place in revolutionary America, where Desmond's latest (and perhaps final) ancestor will be shanking us Brits up big-style, presumably because we're all part of some Templar conspiracy to take over the free world. Sounds like the sort of thing we'd do, admittedly.

Sleeping Dogs is remarkably violent

Remember True Crime: Streets of LA? This was originally True Crime: Streets of Hong Kong, but it's been cancelled and resurrected several times over a five-year period, and it's currently alive and operating under the name Straw Dogs. Although it features neither sleeping nor dogs so POINTS LOST THERE. 

Rather than release gameplay footage, we've instead got a live-action trailer which, although it tells us fuck all about the game, is a refreshing dose of slow-motion ultraviolence to while away your Friday afternoon with.

GAME is dying, long live the GAME

Mass Effect 3
Will Mass Effect 3 prove the death nell for GAME? Probably, so here's a moody picture of Shepard to underline that point

High-street stockist GAME made some dodgy financial decisions, and thanks to the terms of the bank loan that's keeping them afloat, they can't stock EA games from now on – so no Mass Effect 3, among other titles. Popular opinion is that the store, and its sister company gamestation, won't be around by Christmas once supermarkets cotton on to the fact that they'll be the prime retailer for one of the biggest games this year and soundly knock them out of the market. We'll write them an appropriate eulogy, when the time comes.

Payday: The Heist is going for a steal this weekend

Payday is a bit like Left 4 Dead, if you replace the 'fighting to survive' bit with robbing everyone blind and the zombies with SWAT officers; so, basically, it's good. It's really good. If you've got a half-decent PC and some time to spare over the next couple of days, it's on sale for the low, low price of $9.99 (about 6 quid) this weekend on downloady internet service Steam. Our recommendation is to buy it, if you haven't already. Or, to really embrace the spirit of the game, somehow steal a copy.

Otherland is a game about a game about a futuristic society that's in the past

If Bibles can stop bullets, then Tad Williams' Otherworld series could stop a tank shell. Maybe a whole battalionsworth of tank shells; these books are thick. So thick that if they were your mum, she'd sell the car for petrol money then try to sort M&Ms into alphabetical order. In other words, these are long books.

Anyway, some people are trying to make a game out of them (and seeing as they're already about a game in the future, half their work's already done, surely) and they've released their first video complete with OBLIGATORY DUBSTEP SOUNDTRACK. It looks okay – although MMOs are always a tricky proposition, what with World of Warcraft's stranglehold on the market despite Blizzard's recent layoffs – but, if we're honest, a little disjointed.

Great Scott, you got Batman in my Victoriana

Day One Studios (the guys who brought you FEAR 3) were working on this game, back in the day – here's some footage of their test build, complete with suitably flowy cape. It's a Victorian-themed Batman title, and while it was never made, it's fun to imagine duffing up Jack the Ripper with your gloved fists and making your getaway on a Bat-Penny Farthing.

Je Suis Alive released un developer diary, c'est tres good

If you live dynamic combat and French accents, you're in the right place. I Am Alive is one of the things we're most looking forward to at the moment, and this film has a look at the (mostly French) crew behind the game and what makes 'em tick. We're just excited to get our Rambo on and start unleashing arrow-based death to everyone in a five-mile radius, if we're honest.