This just in – Assassin's Creed III, a proper sequel after all these Ezio-heavy renovation quests, is going arrive this autumn. We're dead excited, we are. There aren't any pictures or video or anything like that yet, but we just felt you ought to know. Anyway, trailers:

Far Cry 3 brings the dubstep

This a cinematic trailer, sure, which means it's going to tell us as much about the actual content of the game as reading the back of a cereal box – but it is remarkably pretty, and kind of exciting. Like a sexy lady who challenges you to a race across some rooftops. Also features some dubstep music, perhaps incongruously - by 2014, all trailers will be legally required to contain a minimum of thirty seconds of dirty beats and at least one sick drop.

Ravaged has gyrocopters in

We'd never heard of Ravaged – it's an online shooter, apparently – which puts us in mind of Battlefield crossed with Borderlands. You'll be pleased to hear that in addition to difficult-to-fly gyros, like the ones in this video, there're plenty of cars and bikes to take control of and launch off the ramps that are curiously abundant in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Seriously, guys, just get some bridges put in. They're much easier.

Kate Upton flogs a baseball game by being mind-blowingly gorgeous

Hey, it's lovely swimsuit model Kate Upton! Isn't she lovely? We miss her. She's just done the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which is a fairly big deal. Oh also there's some bollocks about baseball games and joysticks and a million dollars, or something. We weren't really listening.

Max Payne 3 gets a new trailer, we remain turgid with anticipation

If you listen carefully, you can actually hear us straining to get closer - somehow - to Max Payne 3's release date. From what we've seen, despite all the fancy-pants updates, this is still definitely a Max Payne title, right down to the last sideways shoot-dodge. Sign us up. God, sign us up so hard.

Syndicate launch trailer ALSO brings the dubstep

Superior dubstep too, we'd say, as it's a reboot of the original Syndicate theme done by Skillrex. Which is very exciting – you can listen to it unmarred here, if you'd like, and Nero did one too. Which is nice. The trailer looks pretty exciting, but then we have a massive hard-on for anything even remotely related to cyberpunk so we're biased. We've got the game sitting expectantly in our PS3, begging us to play it and looking up at us with big, cybernetically-enhanced doe eyes. We're busy, Syndicate! We'll PLAY YOU AT THE WEEKEND.

Like a time-travelling Shakespeare, Tactical Intervention has come from the past

Developed by the bloke who pretty much made Counter Strike – basically the most important online game since sliced Quake – recently-announced Tactical Intervention is a game about deciding the optimum time to sit down your friend and tell him he has a problem with drugs. No, that's not it – it's a spec-ops style shooter, actually. Also it looks as if it's taking place in the same universe as Time Crisis 3, which is – well – let's see how it plays before we judge it too harshly. Bet it's going to be rad.