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Posted by , 01 December 2011

What if they've already got the game?

What if they've already got the game?

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If you're buying a present for an established gamer, chances are they already have a lot of the games they want. Quite often, the best way to work out if they have a game is to drop subtle hints in conversation, like so (you can print this out if you have problems remembering it):

“Hello [INSERT NAME OF FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER/LOVED ONE HERE]! I was considering purchasing [INSERT NAME OF GAME HERE] for you, this Christmas. Do you already possess this game? If you do, I will not proceed with my transaction!”

But maybe you're a bit canny and don't want to ruin the surprise. You'll need to get a handle on their game collection by asking their significant other or housemates or breaking into their house when they're asleep and looking for yourself. This isn't creepy. Santa does it for almost precisely the same reasons and he always seems to get away scott-free. You'll be fine.

Failing that, ask them what they're playing at the moment and what they're looking forward to playing soon, then surreptitiously note down what they say. But you might end up in a protracted conversation about Final Fantasy XIII-2, and no-one needs that.

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