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  • Starship Chopper
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    Starship Chopper

    Things want to shoot you out of the air. Shoot back

  • Duck Hunt
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    Duck Hunt

    Retro brilliance! Suprisingly still fun, even without the gun

  • Candy and Clyde
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    Candy and Clyde

    Mini-games galore. Perfect lunchtime filler.

  • Zombies!
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    Zombies are rife - make them dead. With guns

  • Stickman Sniper
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    Stickman Sniper

    Sniping little stickmen is strangely gratifying

  • Space Hopper
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    Space Hopper

    Jump from planet to planet collecting stars. As you go.

  • FHM Xbox 360 Global Challenge


  • Air Hockey
    Video Gallery
    Air Hockey

    The post-bowling classic is right here. Air ahoy!

  • Lightning Break
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    Lightning Break

    It's like normal pool - but against a bastard clock

  • Super Trucks
    Super Trucks

    Just when you thought you'd raced everything, out come the trucks. Or lorries, as they're actually called.

  • Star Island
    Video Gallery
    Star Island

    More colourful than a bag of Skittles, this game is very very nearly gay

  • 4x4 Rally
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    4x4 Rally

    Chuck your growling beast around icy tracks and trash the competition in this fancy racer

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