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  • Bubble Maze
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    Bubble Maze

    Like all the best web games, this tricky timewaster looks simple yet is fiendishly difficult

  • The Ashes Cricket
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    The Ashes Cricket

    All the action of cricket's biggest grudge match right here on your little computer screen!

  • Playing With Fire
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    Playing With Fire

    Control the Bomberman-style bloke and chuck dynamite at evil enemies

  • Shoot
    Video Gallery

    A simple mouse-destroying game of target practice

  • Boob Bubbles
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    Boob Bubbles

    Fire the coloured funbags at each other to make web-lovely Faith strip!

  • Clash N Slash
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    Clash N Slash

    In space, no one can hear you squeeeeeem!

  • Gobstopper
    Video Gallery

    A Willy Wonker Pac-Man version

  • Backlash

    Petrol-powered wrestling at its finest. Or, if you prefer, Sumo on wheels... This is the best two-player waste of 5 minutes we've seen in a while. Colourful, easy to grasp and mighty difficult to win.

  • Gridlock
    Video Gallery

    As the mother of Helen Keller no doubt said, the simplest are always the best

  • City Jumper
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    City Jumper

    Hop the buildings and avoid the clouds to progress

  • Heli Attack 2
    Video Gallery
    Heli Attack 2

    Simplistic blaster that’s as satisfying as can be

  • Rubik’s Cube
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    Rubik’s Cube

    Without the ability to remove stickers or dismantle the bloody thing, the FHM office has, as yet, been unable to complete this virtual Rubik’s Cube

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