Gaming — Because Concentration Is Overrated

  • Clash N Slash
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    Clash N Slash

    In space, no one can hear you squeeeeeem!

  • Gobstopper
    Video Gallery

    A Willy Wonker Pac-Man version

  • Backlash

    Petrol-powered wrestling at its finest. Or, if you prefer, Sumo on wheels... This is the best two-player waste of 5 minutes we've seen in a while. Colourful, easy to grasp and mighty difficult to win.

  • Gridlock
    Video Gallery

    As the mother of Helen Keller no doubt said, the simplest are always the best

  • City Jumper
    Video Gallery
    City Jumper

    Hop the buildings and avoid the clouds to progress

  • Heli Attack 2
    Video Gallery
    Heli Attack 2

    Simplistic blaster that’s as satisfying as can be

  • Rubik’s Cube
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    Rubik’s Cube

    Without the ability to remove stickers or dismantle the bloody thing, the FHM office has, as yet, been unable to complete this virtual Rubik’s Cube

  • Quix
    Video Gallery

    Manoeuvre a dot around a square, filling in shapes and avoiding other dots. Sounds dull. It isn't

  • Zuma
    Video Gallery

    Behind the desk sits Mr Philippe Dupuy. Nominally in charge of FHM's TV production, his admirably European attitude to work still allows him to spend many an hour honing his skills on Zuma

  • Bikini Bounce
    Video Gallery
    Bikini Bounce

    Norks, points, prizes and a wee bouncing man. What's not to like?

  • Wastepaper challenge
    Video Gallery
    Wastepaper challenge

    Virtual postmodernism at work: bored office workers can now do online what bored office workers were previously doing in real life

  • Office Paintball
    Video Gallery
    Office Paintball

    The dream job, where office paintball is allowed

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