Women's tennis is known for two things - the tennis and the women - kind of obvious really. Simona Halep the Romanian tennis player was also known for two things, namely her 34DD breasts that she threw around whilst she played.

Well, turns out the 18-year-old wasn't as fond of her breasts as just about every other man on Earth was. So she had a breast reduction to improve her game and sort out her back pain. And did it?

Well, let's just say the back pain is definitely gone. Halep lost her first match at the French Open and is now ranked at a measly 114th in the world. How can we can call 114th in the world measly - when we couldn't hit a barn door with... another barn door? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves okay, OKAY!

Anyway, here is another lovely picture of Simone Halep, as God intended her to be.