It’s probably our own fault that the only reason Katie Price has only caught our attention before now is for the wonders of her chestal region.

Sadly though, she didn't keep our attention for very long. For some reason, bandying an enormous pair of boobs about on a daily basis has that effect. Lucky then we have people like Eamonn Holmes selflessly dedicated to using their celebrity powers to keep Katie in the news.

Now what have we here?

Katie recently took herself and her new book to visit Eamonn on the set of This Morning. For those of you not familiar with her writing career, Katie has her name down as author on thirty- six books, a fact that makes us feel a little bit useless. Even if one of them is called Katie The Mermaid.

At some point in the interview, probably tired of all that in-depth analysis demanded by Katie’s new book The Come-back Girl, Eamonn decided to play his favourite ‘wandering hands’ trick and wandered his hands right over to Katie.

Luckily for Eamonn we were happy to indulge his dirty old uncle act as it directed our attention to an attribute of Katie’s that had previously escaped FHM’s notice - her lovely legs. Happily for us, and you, we will now be dedicating a lot more time to them in the future. Thanks for the heads up, Eamonn, we owe you dude.