It’s not often we’re allowed to talk in great detail about our favourite actress Sasha Grey’s work on here. Her films are less the kind of films you sit down and watch with the family at Christmas, and more the kind you stash away in folders named ‘bank statements, DO NOT OPEN, SERIOUSLY I MEAN IT’ in the nether regions of your hard drive.


So it’s a nice surprise to see Sasha doing some work that FHM is free to shout about from the rooftops until we’re forced to come back inside and shut up because the neighbours are getting all "can you shut up please it's three in the bloody morning". Games giant Volition, Inc has hit upon the totally brilliant idea of using Sasha’s voice in new game, Saints Row: The Third - the final instalment in the Saints Row series.

Sasha voices Viola DeWynter, one of the leaders of new gang 'The Syndicate'. Perhaps even more awesome, she also gets to star alongside everyone’s favourite mustachioed yellow-lycra-wearing wrestling star Hulk Hogan. Jealous much?

Check out the video for more info.