Despite the fact that you’ve probably never heard of her before Alexandra Daddario isn’t a particularly new face to the small (or big) screen.

In fact, she’s been in everything from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to Texas Chainsaw 3D and and Percy Jackson & The Olympian.

But none of those can hold a torch to her flesh-flashing role as Woody Harlesson’s mistress in True Detective. A performance so sexy that it made her explode into our brains like a busty nuclear explosion.

Here’s why she’s the most incredible thing to happen to television screens since everything went from black and white to colour…

She's got eyes that you could dive into like a swimming pool and get lost forever

And she's also hillarious...



And she's incredibly normal. Look at her Instagram, it's JUST like yours. Except she's prettier.


But most importantly, she tends to do things like this...

 She'd probably make the greatest girlfriend ever. Ever.

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