Name: Winona Ryder.

Age: 41

Why she’s a MAM:
She's been in 92% of decent cult films since the mid 80s. From her early days in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, kicking ass in Alien: Resurrection, and more recently making a return in Black Swan.

Between which she seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, looking pretty much the same as she did when she was 18.

Check her out not looking her age in the thriller for true story, hitman thriller The Iceman out June.

On top of all this she's one of the few female guest stars that have had the chance to lock lips with Jennifer Anniston in Friends. Which gives her some serious hot points in our books.

Her Fanbase:
Her most dedicated fan site is called ‘Winona Forever’ which more or less says it all. There's also a pretty bizarre fan art page on ‘Fan Pop,' the jewels of which you can see below.

Too creepy? Try this Gif instead...

We dare you to disagree! Not convinced by our MAMification of Winona? Reckon there’s a hotter 40-something actress out there? Then put us in our place, over on Twitter: @FHM

Words by: Neil McGeever