Recently we wrote a story about how 23-year-old Heidi Montag may have had some plastic surgery to enhance her already generous attributes. This has now been confirmed with a story in the New York Dailey News, which has reported that while filming an episode of the oddly confusing reality/but not reality, reality TV series , Montag struggled to chew a burger while out for dinner with her family.

The reality star's mother and sister, critisised Montags recent decision to undergo surgery, telling her that she needed to deal with her "insecurity on a psychological level". Thanks for your support there mum. As the main course arrived at their intimate dinner with a camera crew, Montag was apparently seen to be in pain as her mouth had not fully healed. "How's that burger?" her sister Holly asked. "I can't really chew it," Heidi responded.


As Montag has more surgery, she’s beginning to look more and more like a cross between the sun-kissed blonde Californian that appeared in the first series of The Hills, and a sexy version of the Falcore the Luck Dragon from The Never Ending Story.

Which is as confusing as it is arousing. In other news, how about the Spanish successfully carrying out the worlds first full face transplant? See it here at Sky News.