Name: Linda Barker
Age: 50

Why she’s a MAM: If you’re a man of a certain age there’s a good chance that your memories of Linda Barker generally involve a combination of DIY in unflattering fleeces and the never-ending closing-down sale of DFS.

But, there’s a lot more than meets the eye to Linda than enthusiastic use of MDF and cheap sofas, as she demonstrated in her eye-catching appearance on Splash! Flashing a body better than a lot of women half her age and leaving viewers scratching their heads and asking, ‘When did Barker get so hot?’ Not to mention, so bloody good at diving?

Check out her diving skills below, complete with a slow-motion bikini run:

Her fanbase: Initially restricted to mid-week Changing Rooms fans, her admirers have swiftly swamped social media, to the extent that there’s now a pretty strong Facebook campaign to get her on the number one spot of our FHM 100 Sexiest poll. Not bad for a bikini and a few hours jumping in a pool.

To find out how she fares, make sure that you check out the next issue of FHM when the results will be revealed, or better yet subscribe for a mere £1 an issue.

We dare you to disagree! Not convinced by our MAMification of Linda? Reckon there’s a hotter DIY expert out there? Then let’s hear who and why!