Taylor Momsen has released a new song that's essentially a bastardised version of Queen's We Will Rock You with the addition of a child ghost choir and without the massive anthemic chorus. It also sees her get naked in front of some broken tellys.

Here's everything that went through our heads when we watched it...

Taylor Momsen thinks that books are bad and should be destroyed.

The school from Britney Spear’s Hit Me Baby One More Time video has really suffered in the recession

If we had television reception like this in our house, we’d definitely move.

Obligatory smoking bad ass.

The children look like Alien eggs in

Also, is the screen on the bottom right showing this live performance of Think Twice by Celine Dion?

Why do they hate books so much?

Is that a nipple? How did they get that pass censors? Fair play Taylor.

This teacher now looks like a failed DNA mash-up of Keifer Sutherland and Richard Madeley.

Did Taylor get banned from her local library? This is some serious book hate.

We can’t be 100% sure but that does look a little bit like an FHM magazine spread stuck to the wall. We’re claiming it.

“Hey Taylor, we’ve run out of books?”
“Erm… maybe start on the TVs”

Taylor allows video to hit a low interest point before revealing that she's dressed as a sexy cross to make it exciting again. 

More or less the end of the video.

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