First she popped up being all sexy and floaty in Sports Illustrated's zero gravity shoot.

Then THIS GUY, calling himself Coolguysexy420boner, confessed on Reddit that he dated her in high school only to dump her because they didn't 'connect', causing people to respond like this:


And then she finally got on top of current technology and joined Instagram.

At the time of writing, she's only uploaded eight pictures (that have managed to get her a meagre 440k followers...), most of which consist of things like this:

And this:

But we can already tell that it's going to be an incredible, sexy journey that's going to change Instagram and the internet for the better. Here are 8 GIF reasons why...

01  She was the best person in Baywatch and she wasn't even in it.

 02  She loves lollipops.

03  She shows an interest in the same things we do.

04  She's amazing at walking.

05  ...and taking off robes.

06  She was once naked (and painted) in 360 beautiful degrees.

07  That time when this happened.

08  She's amazing at dancing.


 She totally knows it.

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