Well, yesterday’s 100 Sexiest List caused a bit of controversy didn’t it? So many of you had something to say about which ladies you agreed and disagreed with that you crashed the FHM server. This meant we couldn’t do any work, which was actually pretty ace.

Loads of you were properly disappointed that a number of familiar faces were missing. They’ve previously papered the walls of our bedrooms and been our pretend girlfriends, but this year was the first year that some of the planet's biggest superstars didn’t quite win enough votes to make the list.

So here, in a moving tribute to bygone years, we pay homage to the ladies from FHM’s past who just missed out on a spot in 2012’s list. You can click on their name to be taken to a gallery full of pictures of them, lovingly crafted by FHM elves. 

Hope to see you again next year girls.*Cue weepy violin music.*

Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks

Keira Knightley

Hayden Panettiere


Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Biel

Eva Mendes

Eva Longoria

Carol Vorderman