You’d think that after an onstage wardrobe drama at one of her recent Circus Tour shows, Britney Spears would be keeping a close eye on which of her body parts are where at any given moment. This is spectacularly not the case. On holiday this week, while holding one of her kids, her furry pocket popped out again. If only a little bit. Like a conger eel poking its head out of a cave to check for unsuspecting prey. Observe:

But what will these unplanned and unexpected flashes of Britney’s genitalia do for her ranking in this year’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World? Her highest finish since winning it in 2004 was sixth in 2005, and she’s been sliding down the charts ever since. She’s yet to relive her glory days, but Michael Jackson and Dwayne Chambers have both made comebacks this year, so stranger things have happened. You, the voters, have all the power. Vote now.

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