Actresses want it all. They want to be models, moguls and now professional strippers. Nudity is 'in', thanks to Kate Winslet who appears to have started a trend. Now she's finally received an Oscar, she's decided to pack it in. 'No more nude' says Kate.

Thankfully there is still a herd of Hollywood fillies prepared to get their kit off. Did Marisa Tomei actually wear clothes for any part of The Wrestler? And now Timberlake's lovely lady is having a crack at some pole dangling.

The former gymnast, reportedly slid easily into the role as a stripper in new film Powder Blue. Not only does Biel look svelte and saucy in the buff, but she can actually work the stripper pole, some curtains and what looks like a hammock like a real pro. She deserves major kudos and your vote for FHM's 100 Sexiest.