Playboy UK re-launched their website today, making many previously unavailable pictures and articles on their website free to enjoy. The generous buggers. But their lead article and the lady fronting the site, is loud-mouthed Londoner Lily Allen. This may or may not, but probably does, have everything to do with her saying recently that she’d happily get naked for the magazine. Visit Playboy's website now.

Lily revealed her desire to strip off soon after Playboy’s founder and serial shagger of women half his age, Hugh Hefner, said he'd like Allen in the mag. It also coincides with the ‘just released’ status that her second album It’s Not Me, It’s You is currently enjoying. Annoyingly, her record’s already top of the charts and we already like Lily, so if she gets naked and rich we might start liking her more than is normal.

We have, of course, all seen Lily Allen topless before (highlights below) but it would be good to see her in a magazine, rather than on a yacht. But will all these things conspire in her favour and propel her into FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World for the first time ever? We just don’t know. To spend some valuable time on Lily Allen’s profile, click this link immediately. Remember to get voting at 9am on Thursday morning.