Officially the fourth Sexiest Woman in the World, despite minimal professional output. The 25-year-old Canadian has survived, flourished even, by simple virtue of being unbelievably cute (and memories of her pink panties in Old School). She's also part of the 'never go nude' club, which, oddly, makes her twice as fascinating. Slated to reprise her role as Kim Bauer in the movie version of 24, expect this one to be kicking about on your radar for a good while yet.

FHM's favourite quote:
"The truth is, I'm naturally attracted to playing young, messed up girls."

Pub fodder: the 25-year-old Canadian once topped a poll for Sexiest Hair In The World, her feathery blonde bob deemed the most desirable of all female barnets. FHM's more concerned with the whole package though, so be sure to bear in mind all her other credentials when deciding where she ranks on your sexy list. The gallery below should help.