Jessica Biel is in the new A-Team movie, which is probably why she's in the new issue of Chinese GQ being all arty in black and white. It could be for some other reason but our Chinese is pretty terrible so we couldn't read the accompanying article.

The A-Team's Jessica Biel in Chinese GQ

We're not sure if these pictures of Jessica are brand new. They look familiar. We looked around to see if we could find them used anywhere before, but then we kept looking at the pictures and it turned out we really don't care at all. So feast your eyes on some pretty amazing, possibly old, pictures of Jessica Biel.

The A-Team's Jessica Biel in black-and-white in GQ China

Here's a little clip from The A-Team. It doesn't feature Jessica Alba, just BA Baracus smashing about in his van. But whaddya gonna do? 


Here's a gallery of Jessica Biel pictures. This does feature Jessica Biel, obviously.