Abbey Clancy has a wedgie, as in her pants are wedged in to her rather lovely bottom. This calamity occured whilst she was on holiday in Sardinia with Peter Crouch, (looking like a sexy little munchkin whilst stood next to him).

This is obviously quite an unpleasant experience, as anyone who has endured the squirmy pains a of sweaty bum flossing will know. But rather oddly seeing a beautiful specimen such as Abbey pulling her bikini bottoms about doesn't look too bad.

Before we get accused of a having a weird wedgie fetish (again) look at this picture and tell us it doesn't look sexy.

See, we told you. Even her silly golf-cap thing looks awesome on her.

So in conclusion. Silly hat. Sexy bikini body.

And finally here is a sexy flashback, to the lady herself in FHM.


And gallery too! We really do spoil you, but since your father left we've been over compensating. Oh well, I'm sure you'll turn out fine.