So, what was it like to be sent home from the World Cup?
I’m not talking about that.

Oh, go on.
No. Really.

Okay. So, congrats are in order, because you and the Eighth Wonder of the World Peter Crouch are back together then?
Yes, we are. It’s so great and he’s really lovely.

And excellent with his feet for a big man. Do you ever sing, “He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed, he’s Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch,” at him?
No. I’d never sing that.

Erm, no, nor us. Be honest, are you a lifelong Liverpool fan?
Well, I guess I am because you’re born into who you support and my family are Reds, so that made me a Red from the beginning. I also support Southport, though, because my brother Sean plays left wing for them. He’s fantastic.

Would you like to see him playing for Liverpool and whipping in crosses for Crouchy to nut home?
I certainly would, he’s a good player – definitely one for the Premier League.

How do you celebrate a Crouchy wonder goal?
I jump about like mad, I’m over the moon. I love it when he scores.

So in Baden-Baden did the WAGs ever have a little too much champagne and have a naked pillow fight?
Not at all. Never.

Nope, we didn’t think so.
It was great fun to be out supporting the team, though, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. I think the team did well and got really far.

We beg to differ. Who do you think is the foxiest WAG?
Lots of them are really foxy. Lampard’s girlfriend Elen Rives is gorgeous, Joe Cole’s girlfriend Carly Zucker and Carrick’s lady, Lisa Roughead are exceptional.

Did you get on with Posh?
I was completely in awe of her. She’s gorgeous to look at. But we didn’t see much of her as she has her kids to look after and wasn’t out as much.

Honestly, how much hardcore partying was there?
Not much. That one night that we went out was exaggerated by the press. They printed our bar receipt and everything but it was just a group of girls out enjoying themselves and supporting their boyfriends. We probably did get through a fair bit of champagne but that’s because there was so many of us.



What’s your favourite grog?
Peach Bellini, which is full of champagne and tastes fantastic, and I also love Baileys and Bacardi. But not together.

You were in a very hot Scouse girl band called Genie Queen. What happened?
We disbanded because Lauren Blake left – she’s in Totally Frank now – and when she went we couldn’t get the chemistry right. We tried to change the concept but it just wasn’t happening, so we called it a day. I miss the singing a lot but I’m focused on the modelling now – that’s my dream. Each shoot I do gets better and better, and this one for FHM was fantastic. It’s strange though, because during Next Top Model I was trained over ten weeks not to stick my chest out. But for you guys it’s the complete opposite and I had to be proud of them.

As you should be. Any moments of embarrassment on stage from your band days?
Absolutely. My top fell right down in the middle of a song revealing my chest hidden by just a bikini top. Leaving hundreds of people in the audience gobsmacked. We were banned from the venue because I looked so skimpy. Imagine how embarrassed I was!

Oh, we’re imagining. One of the judges on Next Top Model said you’re more FHM than you are supermodel. Is that okay with you?
That’s great by me, everyone in FHM is gorgeous. That’s no bad thing. When I applied I knew I wouldn’t be a top supermodel, that was never my ambition.

Another judge said you’re sex on a stick.
Yeah. I don’t think he actually meant that as a compliment. But I wasn’t offended. I suppose he meant I had the FHM qualities that set me apart.

It seems like a really bitchy show. Did it feel like it?
It was really hard for me towards the end when all my friends had been knocked out and I was still in it. I was in a foreign country and people were telling me I couldn’t eat with them and that I had to go and sit in my room. It was really bitchy. I didn’t realise how horrible they were until I watched the show and they’d go into the diary room and slate me to death. Some of those girls are plain evil – but I won’t name names.

Ha ha! No comment. It was horrendous, though. No wonder I put so much weight on. Did you see the size of me on it? I had ten chins.



You looked good to us. What do you wear to look sexy on the town?
A tiny dress and high heels never fails – sexy and super-classy.

Are you a regular wearer of lingerie – like the stuff we put you in?
I’ve got some sexy lingerie but I really wanted to keep the stuff you put me in – it was delicious. You’ll see me in a lot more lingerie soon because I’ll be modelling some seriously sexy stuff for a new company. And they’re letting me keep their whole range.

Lucky, lucky Crouchy. What do you most like about your body?
I like my belly lots. But don’t like my feet at all. I have bunions and…

LALALALA! Can’t hear you! You turned down I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! It’s been reported that you said no because you didn’t want to drop Peter in the shit like Sheree Murphy did to Harry Kewell.
No, I didn’t go on because I’m scared of spiders.

If you did go on, which five people would you hate to be stuck with?
The Hoff.

He gives me the creeps. Also, Nikki from Big Brother 7, Jasmia from Next Top Model, Alan Sugar and Vicky Pollard.

Let’s play WAG word association. We name a WAG, you say the first word that springs to mind. Cheryl Tweedy?

Carly Zucker.

Victoria Beckham.

No comment.

Ooh! Finally, has the big man ever done a spot of robotics in the bedroom for you?
No he hasn’t. Like you I’ve only seen it on TV.

Original interview byTom Cullen in the December 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine