Despite the way her name reads, Adriana Lima is not llama. She is also not a lime. You may have already known this, but there is probably one soppy little fella out there, nibbling his fingernails and fretting about how on earth he is going to phrase Adriana's name at prestigious social functions. Well Berty (we're going to call him Berty) you can now talk about Adriana without fear.

Meanwhile on a beach, somewhere sunny and expensive, the lady in question - Adriana Lima - is sunning herself in a bikini and looked sodding brilliant. A little while later, when pictures of her were processed and put up on the internet, a group of feeble men chained to computers in London, would come over a bit flustered. (That's us by the way.)

All of those preceding events lead us up to here. Today. This moment. Well, maybe not this exact moment, because you might be reading this hundreds of years from now, when you have flying cars and robot pets. If you are then can you shoot someone with a laser just for us. Proper vapourise them, doesn't matter if you get arrested, just jump in a time machine and sort things out. 

Actually whilst you're using a time machine can you come back to Wednesday 28 July 2010 at 5:55PM and give us a future burger... Ah here you are now. Right on time. Thanks future man. Mmmmm, this is a tasty future burger we're eating. Nom, nom, nom.

 Adriana Lima's Victoria Secret video.


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