Alessandra Ambrosio is a higher calibre of woman, bigger, better and sexier than normal women. She's just like a higher calibre of gun. She's an illegal sexy Mac 10, which can fire 1,090 9 mm rounds per minute. Men would literally kill eachother on the streets to get their hands on her, which is why she's only allowed to exist in pictures on your computer.

If you ever actually met her, anything could happen. You could fall to your knees, start speaking in tongues and murder everyone around you, so that you could keep Alessandra's attention. Or you could make awkward conversation, avoid her gaze and then blurt out that you built a shrine in her honour. Either way, probably best to avoid her.

We wouldn't want you to do this to yourself, so we think it's best you keep your distance from the Victoria Secret model for now. So to console yourself with these pictures.

We know exactly what you're thinking. A 10, a definite 10. Or maybe 11, we're not sure of the exact size, but she's definitely flat-footed. They're awfully big for a woman. We have flat feet, which makes us bad at sport and our mum call us Fred Flintstone. Apparently he had flat feet.

Other Alessandra Ambrosio sexiness of

1 \ Alessandra Ambrosio for Victoria Secret.

2 \ Alessandra Ambrosio advertising a new perfume.

3 \ Alessandra Ambrosio is advertising something.

Other general sexiness.

1 \ Miranda Kerr got married :(

2 \ Girlfriend Of The Month - Holly, from Kent.

3 \ Sophie Monk's erect nipples.