Stereotypically men tend to get a bit excited when you mention twins, we don't know why, well the idea of two sexy woman, instead of one is probably the main reason. But if they actually start kissing each other then that's incest, like proper hilly billy slack jawed incest, which isn't sexy. At all.

Alex Jones is replacing Christine Bleakley to present the One Show, and they both kind of look like eachother. You could almost say they're like identical twins. Which brings us back to our original point about twins and how excited men get about them. Well, unless it's this kind of Twins. Which frankly, no one wants to see.

According to the Daily Mail, Alex Jones had some raunchy pictures taken of her whilst she was trying to get famous. They're not that raunchy and if anything, they're only going to help people be more interested in who the hell she is. We had some raunchy pictures taken once, but they were horrifying and disgusting, rather than sexy or interesting :(

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