If you’re anything like us, you won’t know much about Alice Eve. But she’s in Sex and the City 2 (exclusive clip here), so someone prone to making good decisions over at GQ magazine decided it was time to get her in some white lingerie, lying on some cushions. Look at the picture above. It’s a good picture.

The 28-year-old is Oxford educated and going out with a poet called Adam O’Riordan. A poet! We’ve never even met a poet, let alone dated one. We thought they lived in films and the 18th Century. We certainly didn’t think they still existed. How does one go about being a poet these days? On a blog? With graffiti? At parties? In moleskin notebooks? Here’s another picture:

Importantly, Alice Eve has been in Poirot, which is one of a small number of ways to instantly impress any set of parents in the whole world. Other methods include: having loads of money, knowing which Dimbleby is which and having a pension plan. No one said life was easy. Here’s another picture:


Photos: Mark Abrahams. Here are the GQ pics.

And remember: FHM’s new World Cup issue is on shelves next Thursday, June 3. It looks like this:

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