When it came to choosing a coverstar for FHM’s November issue – a blood-splattered horror special – there was only one viable candidate. And while Janet Leigh, Neve Campbell and Sarah Michelle Gellar have all carved their own respectable niches in the pantheons of horror, let’s face it, they’ve got nothing – not even collectively – on the new queen of scream, Amber Heard (and Janet Leigh is, of course, now dead).

As Chris Mooney’s interview with the 23-year-old Texas native attests, The Stepfather, The Ward (from horror legend John Carpenter), Zombieland and And Soon The Darkness are four films, all out in the coming months, that’ll cement Heard’s position as the go-to girl for all things grim. Read the full interview when it hits the shelves September 24. In the meantime, browse the pictures below, or catch up on FHM's last interview with the gloriously bullshit-free beauty.


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